About Thinkwell Group

Find out what makes us different.

Thinkwell's Mission: To create innovative and creatively successful Experiences in a collaborative environment of fun and mutual respect, while exceeding our clients' expectations, resulting in success for all involved.

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What Makes Us Unique

Passion, collaboration, experience, innovation – plenty of words like this are thrown around by every kind of company in every kind of industry to convince you of their uniqueness and identity.

Our uniqueness is both simpler and more complex to describe.

In the simplest terms, it’s our people and our process. We bring together some of the entertainment industry’s most skillful and prolific dreamers and designers, and combine them with the business and creative goals of our clients. It’s really that straightforward — the authenticity, passion, and precision of our process guarantees success.

Our team comes from an experienced pedigree — owner/operators like Disney, Universal, and Paramount — so we don’t just design for pretty pictures, we know what works and how to make sure what we create is functional, operational, and maintainable.

We are also your customers, not jaded professionals. We love this stuff as consumers, not just as designers, and will always strive to keep the focus on the guest experience. When your project opens, we want to be as thrilled and surprised as your guests are.

In more complex terms, it’s about the lasting relationships we create with our talent. “Once a Thinkwellian, always a Thinkwellian” — in addition to our permanent talent, our consultants and freelance talent return to Thinkwell again and again, citing our upbeat collaborative atmosphere and highly egalitarian process. We love talented people with great ideas, and they love us right back.

And this culture of relationship-building extends to our clients, as well — they’re the reason we do what we do, and we love realizing their dreams. Most of our clients are long-term customers who consider Thinkwell their “go-to” team for innovative, world-class thinking — because we bring them along for the ride, making them intrinsically part of our process.

We are intensely collaborative — you don’t just hire us, you partner with us.