The Show at The Pier at Caesars

We were challenged by Sheldon Gordon, billionaire developer of the Forum Shops, to create an attraction that would draw people to a terminus point in the retail development at the Atlantic City Pier.

We developed hardware and software that was revolutionary to the fountain industry, creating a 360-degree multi-sensory experience with a dazzling array of stunning water effects, state-of-the-art lighting and sound, and revolutionary technology, including a computerized matrix of 149 independently controlled fountain nozzles.

In addition to hourly pre-programmed shows, the fountain reacts to the arriving audience with lights, water plumes, music, and sound effects, using multiple imaging and sensing technologies to engage them in a series of group interactive games that build anticipation and word-of-mouth for each hourly show.

  • Client: Gordon Group Holdings
  • Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Services:

    Strategy, Concept and Design Packages, Production Management, Technical Packages, Audio Design, Lighting Design, In-Field Art Direction, Installation Supervision, Programming and Training