NatureQuest at Fernbank Museum wins Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement: Museum Exhibit

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Thea Awards

About the Thea Award: The Theas reward excellence in the creation of compelling educational, historical and entertainment projects. The Themed Entertainment Association’s prestigeous Thea Awards reinforce the value of experience design and themed entertainment approaches to engage people worldwide.

Comments from the Thea Awards Committee: This modestly scaled and budgeted attraction ($8 million) is exceptionally well-themed and seamlessly integrates entertainment technology into a highly educational and interactive environment. Scientific content is artfully embedded into various aspects of the exhibit such that the interactions with elements are very intuitive and interesting for its young audience (for example the fish in the river which are regionally accurate dart away or swim up for a look as the children wade through, night vision viewers allow visitors to look at nocturnal animals moving about the swamp area). There are over 50 interactive elements in the exhibit. The scenery and lighting are welldesigned to create a sense of wonder and discovery and many of the exhibits can be easily rotated with additional content provided by the designers.

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