Data Analysis Generation Gaps

Age is often an important factor in one’s use of (and opinions about) technology in
general. This data set explores those trends among participants in Thinkwell’s survey
about A.I. technologies.

Overall feelings towards A.I. as used today

Overall feelings towards A.I. as used in the future

In general, older participants are moderately less confident in A.I. technologies than younger participants.

This trend between generations held true both when looking at A.I. technologies used today and projecting towards future use. However, opinions towards A.I.—whether positive or negative—became slightly stronger (and fewer respondents remained neutral) when considering its application in the future, suggesting that technological advancements will further reinforce existing perceptions rather than significantly change opinions.


“A.I. is here and will only improve quality of life along the way”

“I’m scared for the future technology, the devices can get too smart” "A.I. has a promising future"

“We need to be careful in using A.I. technologies”

“While I like the idea of A.I. at the theme park, it seems a little creepy”

How people feel about A.I. can affect the actions they’d like to take.

Most respondents supported some kind of regulations of A.I. technology. Overall, younger participants are more pro-regulation than older participants. Given that younger people are more concerned about the biases of A.I. (see analysis), yet also more optimistic for the technology’s future, their support for stronger regulations would suggest they feel a greater ability to shape and control the role of A.I. in their lives than people of their parent’s generation.


Artificial intelligence has great and varied potential for location-based entertainment. As designers and operators of location-based experiences, Thinkwell believes we should find the balance between guest needs and concerns of all generations and levels of digital literacy, whether it’s their first encounter with these technologies or they grew up surrounded by A.I., applying technologies to a sweet spot that enhances the guest experience and improves both satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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