Thinkwell Group Announces the Launch of Thinkwell Media

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The addition of an award-winning group of producers, directors, and designers brings a full service media team to Thinkwell’s in-house capabilities.
LOS ANGELES — Thinkwell Group, a global experience design and production agency specializing in the creation of theme parks, major attractions, live events, and museum exhibits around the world, is pleased to announce the addition of Thinkwell Media, a full service media and creative production team, to the company. Thinkwell Media brings expertise in visual storytelling and cutting-edge media experiences to further enhance and expand Thinkwell’s capabilities in media editing and production.

Thinkwell Media works closely with many major Hollywood studios to produce original and behind the scenes marketing content for a wide variety of movies and television shows, including Ferdinand, Despicable Me 3, The Dark Tower, Shameless, Vikings, and more. The team has also developed and produced commercials and celebrity-driven campaign content for international service clients and video gaming brands such as Blizzard. Since joining Thinkwell, the new media team has been involved in custom media production for location-based entertainment and brand experience projects, including the NFL Experience in Times Square and the Wahat al Karama Visitors Center in Abu Dhabi.

Thinkwell Media is led by Vice President and Executive Producer, Cory Watson; Executive Producer, Mike Brosnan; and Vice President of Operations, Renee De Soto. The team joined Thinkwell one year ago and prides themselves on their ability to tackle almost any kind of creative media project.
“To be really good at anything, you have to love what you do,” says Renee De Soto. “This is a hard-working, quality-obsessed group — and we definitely love what we do.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome this talented team into our company and we’ve already seen amazing results integrating them into our workflow and projects,” says Joe Zenas, CEO of Thinkwell. “We’re excited to see where our businesses can expand with their talents and look forward to leveraging their media expertise in the years to come.”

Adding Thinkwell Media to the parent company brings more robust editorial and post-production capabilities to Thinkwell globally, further expanding the extensive suite of media-focused services that are provided to clients around the world. While media production has always been a turnkey capability at Thinkwell, the addition of the Thinkwell Media team cements the importance of media services within the company and further formalizes Thinkwell’s media offerings under a new group.
“At our core, we’re a multi-disciplinary team who have spent years in the trenches together,” adds Cory Watson, Vice President and Executive Producer for Thinkwell Media. “We think the combination of our dynamic media experience and Thinkwell’s ideation and brainpower is going to have a force-multiplying benefit for our clients.”

About Thinkwell Media
Thinkwell Media is part of Thinkwell Group, based in Los Angeles, California. Thinkwell Media works with a variety of studio and video game clients as well as high-profile brands to produce original and behind the scenes marketing content for movies, TV shows, digital campaigns, commercials, and more. In addition, the team is also responsible for media production for Thinkwell Group’s experiential projects. For more information visit: