Black Lives Matter Inclusion Statement

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“You are not obligated to finish the work, but you are not free to ignore it.”      – Pirkei Avot


Let us be perfectly clear. Black lives matter. The work of identifying, addressing, and rooting out systemic racism cannot rest solely on historically marginalized and oppressed people. As community members, as peers and collaborators, and as business owners, we have a duty to not only speak up but also to do the work. We began Thinkwell almost 20 years ago with a vision to make great experiences. What we have realized, over these past two decades, is that our industry has incredible power to shape our communities and our cultures. Our theme parks, museums, theaters, and cultural institutions are places of epic storytelling, heroes and villains, and dreams fulfilled. If those stories aren’t respectful, inclusive, and equitable, then they help reinforce systems of oppression that villainize otherness. It’s not necessarily the way we viewed our work when we began, but this power and responsibility have become clear over the past several years.

To our global team of Thinkwellians, we promise that we will:

  • Continue to push ourselves to be better, to educate ourselves, and make antiracism educational opportunities available to you.
  • Undertake a review of our corporate policies and handbook in an effort to identify areas of bias and correct them.
  • Implement tools with our teams to ensure job postings are free of biased language, application and portfolio review are conducted in an unbiased manner, and antiracism and unconscious bias training are incorporated into onboarding.
  • Commit to diversity and inclusion, to create a Thinkwell that reflects the diverse world we live in and to seek out the inclusive world that we desire.


To our clients, partners, and collaborators, we promise that we will:

  • Behave ethically and transparently. We will listen and look inward if you bring concerns to our attention and take meaningful steps to address them.
  • Be intentional and explicitly antiracist in our work, including taking the approach that we must design with others and not simply design for.
  • Continue to utilize our platforms, in both the work we create and as leaders in the industry, to use our privilege to center other voices and help create meaningful, lasting change.

Change will not come easily or quickly, but come it must. As you engage in this work too, several ‘starter’ resources may be of help to you. We’ve made them available below. We look forward to being part of the change alongside you.

With deep respect,

Joe, Francois, and Craig

“To be antiracist is a radical choice in the face of history,
requiring a radical reorientation of our consciousness.”

– Ibram X. Kendi, How to be an Antiracist


Initial Resources and Highlights:

Being Antiracist, from the National Museum of African American History and Culture: Talking about Race, Being Antiracist at the Individual and Interpersonal Level

Anguish and Action, from the Obama Foundation: Suggestions to Get Informed, Take Action, Get Engaged, and Stand Together

Racial Equity Tools: Racial Equity Tools is designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. This site offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities and the culture at large.