The “999” Projects

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During the 2008 economic crisis, Thinkwell went through a difficult time where the company had staff that had been working on a major project codenamed “777”.  As we awaited word on that project’s fate, we reassigned people to work on a variety of internal efforts, ideas, products, and projects–known as the “888” projects. Some of those turned into real work, including a development deal with a major Hollywood studio for the creation of an animated TV series. Still, others have traction today.

During this pandemic Thinkwell once again assigned Thinkwellians of all sorts to focus on internal projects–this time dubbed the “999” projects. The results of those efforts have been stunning. Though we can’t disclose all our trade secrets and proprietary ideas, here’s a teaser of some of the amazing things developed by Thinkwell during the lockdown:

Project Motorcade: This secret project has already been sold to a major Hollywood content creator and involves in-car location-based entertainment and immersion in a whole new genre of guest experience.

Project DRIVIN: Upscale, vertically-oriented drive-in movie theater for a new generation of more sophisticated moviegoers for real estate-challenged markets and parking structure retrofits.


Project SoGame: Taking social gaming to a new level, this clublike lifestyle complex is the place to spend an evening–or a weekend.

Project Game Over: In collaboration with Thinkwell Studios Montreal, Game Over is an initiative to develop a game overlay for theme parks, museums, and other location-based entertainment venues that combines an app, physical interactives, and effects, and point-based/play-based rewards both virtual and real.


Project BEDOUIN: Based on an original 888 project, this concept combines aspects of a cultural attraction with live entertainment, living museum, food & beverage, and shopping into a new kind of tourism experience for the Middle East.

At Thinkwell we are excited about all these initiatives and we are thrilled to see some are already gaining commercial traction in the marketplace. Look for more news on these and other “999” projects soon.