Thinkwell Holidays at Home: Frightful Fun Fall Packet

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Halloween is traditionally a large celebration with our Thinkwellians. This year looks a bit different as we socially distance and work from home, but that won’t stop our teams from celebrating in new ways. Back in April, we introduced the first Thinkwell Holidays at Home packet for Easter. The intention was simple: get kids dreaming, creating, and crafting with activities that both celebrated the season and leaned on our experience design disciplines to introduce the next generation to the creative process of art design, problem-solving and more. 

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce our second round of the Holidays at Home packet with our Frightful Fall Fun Family Activity Packet. Great for all ages, this booklet explores creating your own monster to hang on your door, building a Pepper’s Ghost box effect, and dodging mummies in a new spin on the classic game, “Battleship” (but we’ll keep those details under wraps for now…).  Additionally, families can create their own comic book with Thinkwell Media‘s mascot, Jetpack Jenny! Here, kids create a story and script just like writers and creative directors do. We hope that these fun family activities will keep the festive fall spirit alive as you celebrate Halloween from home this year. 

Be sure to tag our social media accounts, or use the hashtag #ThinkwellAtHome so we can see your monster designs, and Pepper’s Ghost effects!

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