TAIT x Thinkwell: What’s Next

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Leveling Up Experiences & Live Events


In March 2022, we announced Thinkwell’s acquisition by the TAIT Group, the world leader in live events and entertainment production. TAIT is a global team of planners, creative engineers, fabricators, technologists, and producers with over 1500 employees in 20 office locations. TAIT teams have worked in over 30 countries, all seven continents, and even outer space, with clients including Taylor Swift, Cirque Du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera House, NASA, National Geographic, Beyoncé, and The Olympics. 

The TAIT Group includes like-minded companies operating as one cohesive team in the live experience space, from producing to technology and everything in between. Thinkwell’s teams have been integrating into TAIT over the last twelve months, also working closely with TAIT Group brands ITEC Entertainment, productionglue, and Kinesys, as well as global TAIT locations and teams around the world.

Pictured: Joe Zenas, Thinkwell, Kevin Ford, TAIT Orlando, and the JUMP founders at IAAPA Orlando 2022.

“We wanted to broaden our expertise in the project lifecycle,” says Adam Davis, CEO of The TAIT Group. “Thinkwell is the best in the business in the location-based, corporate branded, and cultural attraction sectors. TAIT can realize what Thinkwell conceives, and together we bring real synergies to one another. As a group, we are now the largest independent guest experience and entertainment project delivery organization in the world.”



The acquisition of Thinkwell has created the only vertically integrated organization that combines live event expertise with guest experience creation in-house. TAIT’s proprietary control systems & technologies–most recently on display at the Super Bowl LVII Apple Music Halftime Show featuring Rihanna–along with their engineering leadership and project delivery systems are combining with Thinkwell’s award-winning experiential design and production capabilities to create an unparalleled organization and team. Thinkwell’s expertise is a further complement to the experiential marketing, event, and brand activation skillset within productionglue.

“Thinkwell does storytelling, strategy, and production supervision. TAIT makes it happen,” adds Thinkwell CEO Joe Zenas. “Our greatest assets are our teams. That experience and know-how is what sets us apart. And now, with over 20 offices and studios around the world with TAIT, we can work to make projects a reality 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Adam Davis, TAIT CEO, adds: “From concept creation, character development, and the throughline of guest experience to the ability to deploy teams around the world more efficiently and quicker than ever, this new experience and entertainment delivery team is literally achieving the impossible every day.”

By combining forces, Thinkwell and TAIT’s new project delivery structure means greater success in achieving bespoke, world-class, never-before-seen experiential solutions on a grand scale. It also achieves a massive risk reduction in delivery. The combination of TAIT and Thinkwell means greater worldwide project delivery acumen. 

“Clients want something new all the time, and they are looking for solutions that literally haven’t existed in the world before,” says Craig Hanna, Chief Creative Officer, Thinkwell. “So we do just that and then clients say, ‘well, this looks risky–no one’s ever done this before’. It’s a constant conundrum. With TAIT, we now have the engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and automation backing of the largest staging and production company in the world to help us realize our innovative experiential solutions. It’s really exciting to think how our limitless ideas can now be made real, and the risk reduction clients can expect from that unique synthesis of teams and experience.”



Over the past eleven months, our global teams have begun to further integrate and identify new opportunities for the wider TAIT Group across various markets and client segments with Thinkwell. This includes leadership integration and rapid expansion in the KSA and MENA regions, as well as One TAIT Group brand and team presence at industry events.

The future is bright for live events and experiences, and we are thrilled to be a part of the TAIT family heading into 2023 and beyond. 

Pictured: TAIT, ITEC, and Thinkwell teams at IAAPA 2022.