Celebrating Milestone Promotions & Expansion with TAIT

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Milestone promotions of industry veterans Cynthia Sharpe, Tina Blakeney, Anne-Laurence Dubois, and Claudine Hubert highlight growth and positive change across Thinkwell’s global teams.


Los Angeles, CA: Thinkwell recently announced milestone promotions for Cynthia Sharpe, Tina Blakeney, Anne-Laurence Dubois, and Claudine Hubert as the company continues to expand its global portfolio and creative services under TAIT. With these promotions, leadership teams at Thinkwell and TAIT are celebrating the strong team guidance, client partnership, and years of dedication that these individuals have brought to the company.

Cynthia Sharpe
Claudine Hubert
Anne-Laurence Dubois
Tina Blakeney









Cynthia Sharpe, previously a Principal at Thinkwell Group with a focus on Cultural Attractions, steps into the new role of Senior Principal. Tina Blakeney, previously Director of Production for Thinkwell in Montréal, is newly appointed to Principal with a focus on Global Project Development, and Anne-Laurence Dubois moves from Producer into the role of Executive Producer, also out of Montréal.

Another key promotion out of Thinkwell’s Montréal studio will see Claudine Hubert step into the role of Director, People, North America for TAIT beginning May 1, providing leadership and support to better serve the global TAIT organization and Thinkwell’s creative studio teams. 

All of these promotions reflect Thinkwell’s growth following its acquisition by TAIT in early 2022, with global team size up 30% compared to one year ago. The acquisition paved the way for expanded offerings and increased collaboration between geographically dispersed teams across Thinkwell and TAIT Group global locations, which will continue to accelerate moving into 2024.

For Sharpe, reflecting on nearly two decades of work at Thinkwell, the shift represents deeply rewarding, hard-earned change and growth that the company has worked together to realize. “Part of what I’ve loved about working at Thinkwell is that I’ve had the opportunity to create incredible guest experiences worldwide and help the company grow and evolve. I’m so excited to continue that work across TAIT’s global footprint, helping to build a more inclusive, healthy future for our industry and people, all while making incredibly awe-inspiring experiences.”

“Anne-Laurence, Tina, and Claudine are strong examples of the skill and leadership that we pride ourselves on, and they have been invaluable to our team’s development and growth,” says Hugues Sweeney, President of Thinkwell’s Montréal studio.

Adds Sweeney: “We’re all looking forward to how much the entire TAIT organization will benefit from their vision and expertise.” 

Joe Zenas, CEO of Thinkwell, echoes this enthusiasm, adding that the new role of Senior Principal will be critical to Thinkwell as it deepens its integration with TAIT. “Cynthia continues to be an amazing asset to the organization, providing focused leadership and guidance to Principals while also serving as a strategic partner to our Production Studio teams, leadership teams, and clients,” Zenas explains. “We’re thrilled to celebrate these promotions and look forward to what each of these leaders will add to our long-term strategic thinking and growth.” 


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