Creativity Without Borders

Almost 17 years ago, Thinkwell began as a small band of experience design experts dedicated to making insanely great things. We purposefully didn’t put any one of our names on the door, because at Thinkwell we believe great stories and ideas can come from anyone, anywhere.

Today, we are a multinational corporation, with offices in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Abu Dhabi. Our staff hails from every corner of the globe, and we have worked on every continent except Antarctica. If there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that not only can great stories come from anyone, anywhere, it’s that they must. The lives of our team members, our clients, and the guests who enjoy our projects are better for experiencing the rich tapestry of the world. By sharing stories across cultures, we find points of mutual respect and understanding, and ways to work together toward a better future.

These are uncertain times, but there are a few things we are sure about. Thinkwell’s position transcends politics: we stand firm in our belief in the inherent dignity of every human being. We will support our team members and our clients as they navigate these turbulent waters. We will continue to listen to and honor other voices, and bridge divides through story. We will continue to share our philosophy of inclusion, diversity, respect, and yes, fun, with clients, guests, and Thinkwellians alike.

The world is a lot smaller when you experience it. The world is a lot more interesting if you are open to appreciate it. The world is an amazing place when you share your creativity with it. We’ve experienced that in the work we’ve done and the people we’ve met around the globe. We thank you for trusting us these past 17 years, and we reaffirm that Thinkwell is fully committed to helping you share your interesting, amazing world with everyone.

Joe Zenas                          Craig Hanna                       Francois Bergeron

CEO                                   CCO                                     COO


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  1. I have looked through your site for only a short while and I am beyond amazed at what the company offers and shares with clients and team. This blog post only solidifies that. I will be looking up the next opportunity that Thinkwell has and I would be one lucky person if I ever find myself among this amazing group. Thank you for sharing.

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