Photograph of Antoine Roy-Larouche

Antoine Roy-Larouche

Director of Operations, Thinkwell Studio Montréal

As Director of Operations, Antoine oversees all developments and operations for Thinkwell Studio Montréal through his project management and collaboration abilities.

  • Born and raised in Montréal, Antoine received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UQAM and a Master’s in Science in Management at HEC. Having previously worked as a Project Manager and Creative Director at C2 Montréal for nearly a decade, Antoine developed his experiential expertise while there. Excited to embark on more interactive and immersive experiences with Thinkwell, Antoine marks his new adventure at the Montréal studio. 


    Outside of work, if there is anything that will bring even more joy to Antoine, it’s games! A master of FireBall Island, Tarot cards, and adventures from Armchair Detective Company, this is where Antoine can also utilize his expertise in problem-solving and creativity.