Gabrielle Maryse Bucaya

Business Development Coordinator, Thinkwell Studio Montréal

As a Business Development Coordinator, Gabrielle exercises her capabilities in copywriting, project management, strategy, and marketing, to build and nurture relationships with clients, while developing the Thinkwell Studio Montréal brand.

Born and raised in Montréal, Quebec and a former Oxford University scholar, her bread and butter has come from her marketing, writing and tech-savvy skills that bring excitement to her role. In both Canada and the UK, the wannabe Avenger has previously dabbled with the PR world through pharma, real estate, tech and the radio industries; she even has had the opportunity to work as a production coordinator in the VFX world. 


If not editing documents, reading proposals, or helping out with pitches for awesome projects, then she can be found visiting breweries, learning about cars, watching every type of movie, and enjoying creative writing. Gabrielle is now bringing her heart, mind and soul and her geeky personality to shine through at the studio.