Sam Xu

Senior Account Manager

As Senior Account Manager in Beijing, Sam is responsible for developing and improving the process of securing new business leads, managing and overseeing the distribution of RFP’s, and maintaining the Beijing Studio’s business development pipeline.

Sam has rich experience in client services and project management from his past experience.  Prior to joining Thinkwell in 2020, he led various teams to complete dozens of mega-projects for clients such as Bank of China, Haier, and Xiaomi. He is experienced working closely with China-based Fortune 500 companies across all levels of leadership. 


Master of Arts, Renmin University of China

Bachelor of Economics, Macquarie University

Select Projects

Snoopy Park – Beijing

Six Flags Waterpark – Zhejiang

Universal Beijing Resort – Beijing

Haier BOD Showroom – Qingdao

Kingsoft HQ Visitor Center – Beijing

Bank of China HQ Historical Musuem – Beijing

China Cloud Education Industry Park Visitor Center – Chongqing