Vincent Castonguay-Drouin

Lead Interactive Developer, Thinkwell Studio Montréal

As Lead Interactive Developer, Vincent oversees the development team and provides support to forecast and evaluate programming related to the design of interactive and multimedia installations for Thinkwell Studio Montréal.

Vincent has been with the studio team for nearly a decade, beginning as an intern following another internship at the Canadian Space Agency. At the agency, he worked on analysis software to evaluate cognitive responses to stress. It was used in the ISS to assess how the astronauts react to a range of cognitive tasks while under the stress and physical/sleep constraints of a mission.


With his Bachelor’s Degree from Sherbrooke University in Computer Science and Mathematics, Vincent is passionate about video games and the entertainment industry. Who knew he had a green thumb, however? It just so happens that Vincent is also an avid gardener, who enjoys spending much of his time in his countryside home.