Centrifuge Bar

  • Client: MGM Resorts
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Design Development
  • Content Management
  • Media Production
  • Installation Supervision
  • Ongoing Upgrades + Extensions

The Centrifuge bar, designed by Paul Steelman and Associates, is housed in a large dome space; the centrepiece of which is a 67’ high moving kinetic structure. Thinkwell Studio Montréal created video and images that are projected from three angles onto the sculpture’s translucent membranes as it rotates 360-degrees. 

Partner credits include: creation of costumes by Liz Vandal, photo and video shoot by Nicolas Ruel, manipulation of imagery by Robert Massicotte.

This project was completed prior to Thinkwell’s acquisition of Réalisations-Montréal in 2019. Réalisations-Montréal is now Thinkwell Studio Montréal.