Google: The Grove Experience Center

  • Client: Google
  • Location: Redwood City, California


  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Interior Design
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design
  • Installation Supervision
  • Graphic Design + Wayfinding
  • Brand Development
  • Programming + Training

Following previous work with Google in Tokyo, New York, and Mountain View, Thinkwell designed a first-of-its-kind corporate briefing center that could host a range of customer and partner focused events for Google.

The Grove is Google Experience Studio’s latest and largest space to host customers and partners in Redwood City, California. The concept and design of the space was inspired by the nearby redwood forests that give the site’s city its name, and the thematic story of the redwoods is expressed in the architecture, technology, and hospitality touch points throughout The Grove.

The facility was designed as an authentic, flexible, and innovative space that showcases Google’s position at the cutting edge of technology while also delivering engaging, user-focused design to immerse guests into the Google experience.

From the Digital Campfire, a Google Assistant-powered gathering place created with the latest Google Pixel devices, to the Redwood Trail, an interactive tunnel that uses machine learning algorithms to improvise and play music live, there are countless moments of magic throughout The Grove where Google technology seamlessly enhances the guest experience. Storytelling and guest-centric designs throughout the center provide interactive and playful moments for customers, partners, and Google employees alike.