NatureQuest at Fernbank Museum

  • Client: Fernbank Museum
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia


  • Strategic Development
  • Master Planning
  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Design + Development
  • Project + Production Management
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design
  • Media Production
  • In-Field Art Direction
  • Installation Supervision
  • Programming + Training

Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum wanted to inspire urban kids to explore their own backyard, one of the nation’s most diverse urban forests.

In contrast to typical didactic exhibits, NatureQuest’s content is instead embedded everywhere, engaging the senses using sound, touch, and sight to immerse visitors in an 8,000-square-foot, nature-inspired environment that comes to life around them using a combination of high technology and tried-and-true play environments and theatrical techniques—with everything designed to be species-accurate to the regional ecosystems of the Southeast.

Designed to be fun and exploratory, the Naturequest exhibition takes children from their own backyard to the forest, the beach, the mountains, and even underwater!