Sun Life Financial

  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Location: Toronto, Canada

Sun Life Financial, a multinational insurance company, strives to create and maintain an exemplary corporate ecosystem that offers the best possible environment for its employees as well as the communities it serves. To help achieve this mandate, the company asked Réalisations-Montréal to design and develop a collection of digital canvases that would integrate engagement points and interactive technologies throughout its corporate headquarters in Toronto.

The digital canvas project pushes the boundaries of art and design, creating a unique and engaging environment for Sun Life employees, going beyond just another traditional art installation in a corporate setting. Nine separate digital installations work together to channel the intangible essence of day-to-day connections that make large-scale, positive change possible around the world throughout Sun Life’s operations. The installations make use of furniture design, high-impact visual displays, ambient reactivity, and creative use of audio-visual technologies to present content that educates, surprises, and sparks conversation in this corporate office.