EonTime World

This imaginative themed amusement park acts as a playground for your imagination, filled with exciting adventures, thrilling attractions, and magical, musical shows.

Located in China’s northern city of Harbin, Eontime City is a spectacular indoor theme park integrated with a large regional mall. Through an unique intellectual property created by Thinkwell that translates into branding, characters, retail, immersive environments and attractions, Eontime City brings the story of Dream Bunnies and the Time Weaver to life.

Through a combination of ride technologies, shows, custom interactive dark rides and parades, Eontime City brings a world-class theme park experience to a new audience.

  • Client: Eontime Real Estate Co.
  • Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
  • Services:

    Master Planning, Concept, Schematic Design, Design Development, Character Design, Graphics & Branding, Wayfinding