Our Approach to Location-Based Entertainment Design

Our guest-centric approach to design ensures a seamlessly immersive experience through a combination of high-tech and high-touch experiences—creating unique places for people to make exciting new memories. We partner with our clients from the earliest stages of design through opening day, guiding the creation of all guest-facing elements, including rides, attractions, shows, tech, media, graphics, and more.

Guided by the client’s strategic objectives, Thinkwell engages in a collaborative and iterative process, creating unique designs that can be clearly understood and successfully built and operated. Starting with the big idea, Thinkwell develops the design into information that can be shared with architects, engineers, and other vendors as the project moves into production.

Our designers cover a wide range of expertise, including concept development & refinement, design development, technical, lighting + audio design, and interior design.



What happens during the Concept Development & Refinement stage?
Following the review of all client-supplied material or previously completed work, the design team is brought together for a creative session to further explore the favored experience(s) selected during the Blue Sky phase. Content writers take a fresh pass at a narrative of the experience, adding new layers and clearly outlining the design intent, giving artists a clear vision from which to develop more detailed artwork.

In Concept Development, Thinkwell will continue to clarify primary details surrounding facilities, rides, attractions, shows, retail and restaurants, and environments to show the basic level of integration of the various physical components. When all refinements to the concept elements are made, the project team will present a final concept to the client.

Once agreed upon by the client and other relevant stakeholders, Thinkwell will move into Concept Refinement, where all the elements conceptualized are refined further where their specific technical requirements and facility interface are determined. Concept Refinement marks the end of adjustments made to the concept; only development of the design of the building, attractions, etc. should continue.

What happens during the Design Development stage?
This final stage of design is where all design specifications of the project are fully developed, resulting in final detailed design packages to go out to both fabricators and contractors for bidding purposes. These packages will show the detailed needs of the project, including, but not limited to: audio, lighting, show control and other technical packages; scripted media and live shows; costume design packages; and facility input drawings showing details of the needs of the project.

An example of one such package is the Show Set Design Package, which is a set of elevations and plans used to visually explain the exact design specifications of scenery, interactives, displays, signage and other elements as a precursor to fabrication. Color boards are also provided with the exact tones and colors used throughout the project.

Of course, there may be specific packages unique to a particular project not addressed above, but rest assured, they will be developed as needed to facilitate fabrication.

What technical design services does Thinkwell offer?
Thinkwell offers technical, lighting, and audio design services. Our technical capabilities span from concept to full production, installation, and maintenance of customized interactive applications and technologies. Even in the earliest stages of design, we are able to identify opportunities and rapidly prototype applicable solutions.

What makes Thinkwell’s design process different?
Thinkwell’s design process ensures that we begin with strategic objectives and parameters to understand how we will service the project’s goals with ideas that can actually be built, while taking into consideration guest expectations.

Thinkwell even partners with clients through the late stages of the project, ensuring the design intent is realized and the project is delivered at a high quality that will delight guests. Thinkwell can remain engaged beyond opening day, ensuring the project stays fresh and continues to be successfully operated.