Our Approach to Interactive & Technical Design

Thinkwell ensures that teams work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire process of developing interactive and technical designs that are laser-focused on the guest experience.

We understand the guest’s needs and expectations for flexible, immersive, and interactive experiences in any location-based entertainment venue. The interactive design invites guests to be a participant in the experience, allowing for a unique interaction with your brand, characters, and content. 

Our dedicated team of software developers, program managers, interactive designers, and hardware specialists collaborate to prototype and create immersive interactive digital experiences for a range of cultural attractions and location-based entertainment venues around the world. Our team utilizes a wide range of hardware and software technologies while deploying and supporting these technologies in conjunction with the latest developments and updates. We understand that every client’s needs are different, which is why we leverage in-house technical designers and developers with a range of expertise.  This allows our teams to ensure that even the most minuscule details are addressed for each client and project. 

Interactive and Technical Design for Attractions, Theme Parks, Nighttime Spectaculars, and More

Our interactive design capabilities encompass a multitude of industry applications from travelling exhibits and corporate brand experiences, to immersive, interactive theme parks and attractions. Our award-winning projects showcase our understanding of the nuances of interactive and technical design.



What is Interactive Design in Location-Based Entertainment?

Interactive design in location-based entertainment is the practice of designing and developing user-oriented experiences for guests in your project, often through digital means (touchscreens, phone or tablet interaction, guest movement detection, etc). Interactivity ranges from products and systems to full environments, depending on the design and goals of an experience. While often tied to digital experiences, interactive design isn’t limited to the digital space, as interactivity in physical spaces has also proven to elevate the immersion of a guest or brand experience.  

What is Computer Aided Design?

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, utilizes computers during the design process to analyze, streamline, create, and modify designs. CAD software offers 3D design modelling, allowing for an in-depth, detailed, and accurate drawing of an environment. It improves the efficiency of designers, allowing them to create more complex and detailed drawing of a space more easily. 

What technical design services does Thinkwell offer?

Thinkwell offers technical, lighting, and audio design services. Our technical capabilities span from concept to full production, installation, and maintenance of customized interactive applications and technologies. Even in the earliest stages of design, we are able to identify opportunities and rapidly prototype applicable solutions.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying game-design principles to other forms of media or design. Its utilization can increase user interactivity, engaging guests in experiences that would otherwise be passive. Gamification often includes incentivizing aspects such as leaderboards or achievements to motivate guests to enjoy the experience time and time again, potentially even casually competing against one another.