About Thinkwell

Thinkwell Group is a global strategy, experience design, and production agency specializing in the master planning, design, and production of world-class entertainment destinations, major branded and intellectual property attractions, interactive media installations, events & spectaculars, museums & exhibits, and expos around the world.

For over 20 years, our multi-disciplinary teams have created compelling, immersive experiences for a diverse portfolio of clients. With nearly 2,000 projects completed in 28 countries around the world, Thinkwell has earned a reputation as experts in creating world-class experiences. 

We’ve built a deep roster of subject matter experts with extensive knowledge and expertise to help our clients create new, innovative projects. Our award-winning projects and diverse clients around the world are supported by Thinkwell’s studio teams and offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, Montréal, and Abu Dhabi.

In March 2022, Thinkwell was acquired by the TAIT Group. TAIT’s global team of planners, creative engineers, fabricators, technologists, and producers is made up of more than 1200 employees in 20 office locations around the world.  By combining forces, Thinkwell and TAIT’s new project delivery structure means greater success in achieving bespoke, world-class, never-before-seen experiential solutions on a grand scale. 

Our Team

Meet Thinkwell’s executive leadership team and key staff members from around the world.

Meet Our Team

Thinkwell's Vertical Capabilities

Our global studios collaborate with teams focused on expanding
Thinkwell’s capabilities in media, digital, and healthcare.


Thinkwell Media

Thinkwell Media is a full-service creative production group that specializes in visual storytelling and cutting-edge immersive media solutions and experiences for studios, brands, and location-based guest experiences. This award-winning group of producers, directors, and editors further enhance and expand Thinkwell’s in-house capabilities in media editing and production. Thinkwell Media’s key capabilities include creating original and behind-the-scenes marketing content for film, television, and video game IP, crafting custom media for location-based guest experiences, producing commercials for international style and service brands, and developing branded celebrity-driven campaign content.


Thinkwell Studio Montréal

Thinkwell Studio Montréal is a multidisciplinary team that seamlessly blends art and technology to create tailored digital experiences in the physical world. The group innovates, designs, and produces experiences that leverage technology in unique and innovative ways to deliver on both client and guest aspirations.  

Our research & development capabilities in Montréal drive the development of patented, cutting-edge innovations and prototypes for new technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, real-time generative projection technologies, recognition systems, and more


Thinkwell Health

Using best practices in design and operational planning for high throughput, high-impact places like museums and entertainment destinations, Thinkwell Health helps the entire continuum of patients, community, staff, and clinicians engage more meaningfully across the healthcare system.  A focused team works with healthcare stakeholders in applying the principles and practices of experience design and interactive technologies to help create environments and systems of care that energize and support activation, engagement, and connection between patients, professionals, and the community. Our goal is to leverage our expertise to support the quality, performance, and human experience objectives for 21st-century healthcare.

Our Vision

Connecting people through resonant
and inspiring shared experiences.

  • 432 million

    people around the world have participated in a Thinkwell designed experience.

  • 7.75 billion

    people have seen at least one key element of an experience designed by Thinkwell.

  • 1,900

    Thinkwell design and production projects have been completed globally as of 2021.

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