Our Services

Our passion and expertise encompass all facets of production from the most preliminary concepts through the opening of major world-class destinations.

Not every service is needed for every project, but with our extensive skill set we remain continually mindful of all the elements that will be required to bring our concepts to reality successfully, and plan accordingly from the earliest phases.

  • Opportunity Assessment

    Thinkwell’s team will fully immerse themselves into a brand or intellectual property’s DNA to understand why people love it. This process challenges us to discover new possibilities and present a range of strategically-driven creative solutions.

    The focus of this phase is to explore new opportunities, including wide ranging multiple “big ideas” that make sense to successfully achieve the project’s goals. Thinkwell works strategically with the Client to establish parameters for these “big ideas,” allowing our highly creative team to conceive strategically focused solutions. In collaboration with the Client, we determine which opportunities to further explore and develop into the next phase.

    Mission Statement

    Every project starts with a mission statement, which organizes the strategic or creative thinking into a single statement.

  • Show Production

    From exclusive engagements and publicity stunts to bespoke multimedia attractions and nighttime spectaculars, Thinkwell collaborates with brands, intellectual properties and agencies to design extraordinary productions that engage audiences.
    Thinkwell creates emotionally rich and technically innovative experiences require everything from stadium shows with extravagant pyrotechnics and elaborate technical stagings to carefully choreographed performances with casts of hundreds. Live performance requires seamless orchestration of logistics, technology, and production in order to make them appear effortless to audiences. That’s our specialty.

    We combine storytelling, technology, choreography & live performance to create memorable moments for audiences around the globe.

    The Wow Factor

    The Wow Factor

    Thinkwell brings brands to life with innovative and dynamic execution to establish authentic connections with customers.

  • Brand Development

    We work with some of the biggest brands in the world, helping them expand their offerings into all new forms of innovative and exciting entertainment.

    We can bring this unique perspective and experience with world-class companies to the development of your brand, helping it grow through thoughtful creative development and careful strategic thinking.

    Thinkwell’s proprietary creative process can create a full-circle approach to the development of your brand — logo design and messaging, signage and graphic identity, character and mascot design, social media integration, unique marketing and live events — everything to make your mark and bring your vision to life.

    Beyond a Logo

    Beyond a Logo

    After firmly establishing goals and strategy, our brand and design team investigates all touch points that guests may encounter the brand. These are the powerful gateways to emotionally connect.

  • Media Production

    More and more, location-based entertainment is using the power of media as a tool to immerse guests and tell stories — not just on typical rectangular screens, but through a seamless integration of media into physical environments.

    We have full media production capabilities in-house — from scripting, scouting locations & shooting, to special effects and post-production. More importantly, our media production experts are embedded into our creative process — they understand the specific needs of producing & installing media in a specialized venue, from cutting-edge 3D architectural video mapping to interactive media integrated seamlessly into scenic environments.

    We use embedded multimedia to bring our storytelling environments to life, from sound design & music to high-definition video and interactivity. Thinkwell’s custom-produced media is part of our toolbox to create cutting-edge, memorable placemaking — creating worlds that look and sound like nowhere you’ve ever been before.

    Seamless Solutions

    Seamless Solutions

    Live or studio, in stadium or on stage, across America or worldwide, we handle all your production needs.

  • Concept Development

    Have you ever had a meal that was so ultimately satisfying that it was almost transcendent? Not because of a single dish — but because of the whole menu, and the unique combination of items? That’s how we approach concept development.

    Every project is like a great meal — but a great meal isn’t all about the main course, it’s about how all the elements work together to excite your palate. And it’s not about the size of the meal, either — to us, a great concept can be as big as a seven-course extravaganza or as small as an amuse-bouche.

    Guest expectations play a huge role in our concept development; every visitor will come with a list of expectations in their mind, which we of course want to exceed — but we can’t do that without understanding their base expectations to begin with.

    Concept design isn’t just about pretty pictures, it’s about setting the table for an experience that will exceed guest expectations, making them want to return again and again.

    Cultural Storytelling

    It's up to us to bring a Western sensibility of showmanship and spectacle to projects, not a Western sensibility of storytelling.

  • In-Field Art Direction

    Turning great designs on paper into spectacular built environments requires getting your hands dirty — something that our art directors certainly aren’t afraid to do.

    Themed entertainment isn’t the same as building a house or an office building, so our in-field art directors can work with specialty vendors and local resources to help create one-of-a-kind spaces.

    Our expertise helps make sure that what you envisioned is what is built — supervising sculptors, painters, scenic artists, and construction crews to bring all of the elements together successfully.

    Getting our hands dirty

    Our expertise helps make sure that what you envisioned is what is built — supervising sculptors, painters, scenic artists, and construction crews.

  • Design Packages

    The materials we create for your project help communicate hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas. From the largest “wow” moment to the smallest technical detail that the guests may not ever see, we make sure it gets communicated in the most effective way.

    From initial concept sketches, storyboards, diagrams, and written treatments, to color elevations, 3D models, technical databases, and CAD drawings — all of our deliverables help move the project forward, communicating seamlessly between disciplines.

    This is where your project starts to become real — a tangible thing, that grows and lives and breathes. Through our design packages, we help nurture your creation from concept to reality.

    Designs Driven by Creative Intent

    We design spaces around the creative intent of our show design.

  • Installation Supervision

    As your project is installed, the need for qualified supervision is paramount, due to the specialized and unique nature of all of the various components, which usually fall outside the realm of experience for one single vendor or local contractor.

    We carefully coordinate everything that impacts the guest experience: scenery, rides, exhibits, lighting, audio, media, and so much more.

    We make sure everything goes where it should and it all works the way it’s supposed to. This integration is a crucial stage of the project, and our attention to the details can save both time and money.

    Quality Control at Every Step

    Quality Control at Every Step

    Thinkwell’s extensive product knowledge is of great benefit to owners and contractors during numerous phases of each project.

  • Master Planning

    Master planning is the art of environment, developing a flawless union between story and setting. It’s the backbone and pulse for your project, moving people functionally through a physical space, using storytelling as the lifeblood that keeps them on the path of discovery.

    Your project’s story is told environmentally and symbiotically: through attractions, retail, and restaurants; through architecture, signage, and landscaping; and through activation, engagement, and entertainment. It’s all symbiotic, working together to tell a cohesive story and give a comfortable, memorable guest experience they’ll want to return to again and again.

    Utilizing our proprietary Content Master Planning™, Guest Experience Master Planning™, and Environmental Storytelling™, we develop your story from the moment the guest steps onto the property and follow them through their entire experience until they leave, bringing master planning to new levels beyond mere land use.

    Planning from the Guest Perspective

    We look at master planning through the eyes of the guest, because everything the guest sees, does and experiences has to contribute to the story we're trying to tell.

  • Programming & Training

    With the project in place we begin programming and fine-tuning all the details. Show control systems that move scenery and special effects, ride systems that move the guests, lighting and audio that transform the environment — all of these things require careful programming and choreography on-site, to make certain the experience works as a whole. In parallel, we train the operations and maintenance staff to understand the complexity of these specialized systems.

    We bring not only design and production experience, but a team that has opened and operated shows and attractions all around the world. We know what challenges to look for at this crucial stage, and help ease the owner/operator into their role for a seamless transition between production and operation.

    Then, we softly open the experience to guests, often starting with friends and family to help work out the kinks. We adjust both show systems and operations to accommodate the realities of real people moving through the project.

    Experienced and Specialized

    Experienced and Specialized

    We bring not only design and production experience, but a team that has opened and operated shows and attractions all around the world.

  • Project Management

    Great creative ideas don’t just happen, they’re orchestrated. Our experienced project management team comes from a staggeringly diverse set of backgrounds — bringing extensive experience from not only theme parks and attractions, but museums, live shows, large-scale construction, heavy industry, robotics, and manufacturing.

    It’s all about the details: schedule, budget, resource management, and most importantly, communication with you, our client. Project management isn’t just charts and graphs, it’s a relationship, so we blend our unique process with your unique business needs.

    Unbridled creativity can sometimes feel daunting — so we make sure it stays organized and functional, always leading your vision towards reality.

    Dedicated and Focused

    Dedicated and Focused

    Establishing project goals and critical milestones is important. We also keep an atmosphere of fun!

  • Digital Experiences & Gamification

    Technology has enabled a two-way conversation between audience and entertainment, creating a world where choice, customization, and personalization are becoming not just features, but part of our guests’ everyday reality.

    The days of purely passive entertainment are waning, and we understand how to evolve your brand and project into a flexible, digital realm where your audience isn’t just a spectator, but a co-creator in the experience.

    Digital media is another crucial part of our creative toolbox, and we bring a unique perspective and skill-set for the production of digital worlds, combining cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true theatricality and our innate understanding of how to please an audience.

    From embedded alternate-reality games, to advanced mapped projection, to online and mobile extensions of your brand, we can help you dream in digital.

    Evolving Digital Interaction

    Evolving Digital Interaction

    Our everyday desires to interact digitally yields exciting possibilites for evolving guests experiences. Our interaction team thrives on ideas that ask “what if”. And from here, great innovation happens!

  • Technical, Lighting & Audio

    If the soul of our projects is all about storytelling, then the brains and muscle come from our technical prowess. We bring a holistic view of technology to our projects. We don’t use technology for technology’s sake — in the end, it should be seamless and invisible to your audience. But that’s not as easy as it sounds.

    Our in-house audio experts create dazzling aural environments through a combination of hardware engineering and software artistry. Our technical designers speak a multidisciplinary language that encompasses every aspect of our work — video projection, show control, lighting design, interactive media & specialized ride systems — creating an inherent symbiosis between a project’s creative vision and its practical realization.

    Our technical teams understand the seamless integration needed to create innovative environments that bring your brand and vision to life. We plan far in advance for things like speaker locations, projection envelopes, lighting arrays, and maintenance access for all of the above — integrating these layers into the project as early as possible to make sure there’s no surprises later on.

    In-Field Technical Direction

    Through extensive real-world experience and an innate understanding of the highly specialized systems used in our industry, our unique team puts the technical pieces of your project’s puzzle together, from early concepts through opening day.