Tina Blakeney

Director of Production, Thinkwell Studio Montréal

As Director of Production, Tina leads Thinkwell Studio Montréal’s production teams and also serves as Producer for large-scale creative projects that come through the Studio.  She has experience in themed environments as well as extensive expertise in the fields of video production, post production, and the creative event industries.

Tina has worked throughout Asia, Australia, and North America on a variety of projects, which has given her a unique understanding of the international creative industries and has allowed her to build a strong global network.


Prior to joining Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Tina worked with Walt Disney Imagineering for the design, construction & opening of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, and over the years, she has garnered a unique insight to themed environments from conception through to completion.

Education & Background

Griffith University, Bachelor of Screen Production, Brisbane, Australia

Show Design and Production Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering, Shanghai Disneyland Resort, China

Founder, Director, Redscale Studios, Shanghai, China

Art Center Director/Cuurator, Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center, Shanghai, China

Director of Events, David Laris Creates, Shanghai, China