Qiddiya E-Gaming District

  • Client: Qiddiya Investment Company
  • Location: Uptown Qiddiya


  • Master Planning
  • Media Production
  • Technical Development
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design
  • Concept Development + Refinement

Qiddiya City is set to be home to the world’s global epicenter for gaming and gamers. An entire city that fuses the metaverse with the real world, creating an epic in-real-world (IRL) gaming experience that is woven throughout the very fabric of the city.

Thinkwell is tasked to create this project by bringing together the best immersive and technological innovations to manifest the metaphysical into the physical world and to deliver an unprecedented experience in the multiverse of gaming.

With over 55k sq. meters of space in the entertainment facility and over 90k sq. meters of entertainment and fully immersive environments, Qiddiya City will boast 6 worlds, 17 unique gameplay environments, 200 unique gaming touch points, and infinite opportunities for story variables and updates.

Every surface of each district in Qiddiya City is part of the game that interlinks to tell an overall narrative, allowing players to both passively and actively engage at their own pace with the environment around them, advancing the story through their choices as they go.

Thinkwell led the media production and delivery of the trailer that has topped over 5M views on YouTube.

Thinkwell commissioned Revenant, an animation and post-production company based in Glasgow specializing in VFX, animation, MGFX, and real-time visuals, to produce a 2.5-minute cinematic trailer of 4k content for Qiddiya City. The immersive video teaser, mixed at Dolby Atmos studio in LA and scored by composer Dale Cornelius, is full of fire-breathing dragons, robots, cyberpunk, and full-fantasy video game landscapes and was created using the Unreal Engine to help achieve a game-trailer style look and feel.