Thinkwell, Transformed

As we start to come out the other side of the pandemic in the United States, it’s time we give you a status report on Thinkwell. Over the course of the last 15 months, we’ve shared how we started our own Diversity & Inclusion Council within the Thinkwell organization, made up of volunteers from our ranks. We’ve talked about “Thinkwell 3.0,” reinventing our own culture internally to reduce toxicity, improve morale, and ensure a support structure is in place for our team members working from home. In our Montreal studio, a sharp focus on mental health has been put into place. We are currently at work on our Sustainability focus as well, both internally and externally for our clients’ projects. All these initiatives have made Thinkwell better.

But the pandemic hasn’t been without its struggles. Our beautiful studio space at the Media Center in Los Angeles had to be reconsidered. As Thinkwell moves officially to a hybrid work model—work from anywhere (WFA) and collaboration in-office—we have also looked at our own space needs and have downsized our footprint in our current Los Angeles building. Thinkwell Media remains in the current MPAA-certified space in our 2710 Media Center Drive offices, combined with workspaces for our LA-based teams and conference rooms for in-person client meetings and presentations.

As we continue to evaluate our space needs and develop plans for an eventual new location, our goal is to create a great hybrid workspace in LA that serves our global clients and offices and reflects not only who we are as a company, but also how we work as individuals. Flex workspaces and collaboration zones, quiet focus areas, and presentation conference rooms are going to fill Thinkwell’s new headquarters. Keeping the conversation going and work flowing while maintaining seamless communication and collaboration with Thinkwellians around the world is the key to our new offices—all built on the hybrid work model we’ve chosen to embrace.

We were excited to share with the world our new (at the time) studio space when we moved into the Media Center in 2015, and we’re excited to give you an update on our new collaboration plans and the current changes at our Los Angeles headquarters.